Fun Ways To Build Upper Body Strength

Although weights are probably the most effective way of building muscle, it is easy to see why people avoid them. Gyms can be very unfriendly places at times, and the competitive nature often found in them can scare people away. Image Credit The good news is that while reading plenty of books about muscle building, we have found some fun ways to develop your upper body strength. If the idea of using weights sends shivers up your spine or bores you to tears, then check out these methods. They are fun to do, and it's easy to get started. Ready to get those pecs up to spec? Then read on. Year Long Push Up Challenge The idea here is for you to develop your upper body strength so that you can do 365 (or 366 if it's a leap year) pushups in one day. Now, before you pass out at the thought of that, it's easier than you think. On the first day, all you need to do is one pushup. Just one. Then, Read the rest

How to Build Leg Muscle Mass

Building muscle is never easy, and trying to bulk up your legs is perhaps the hardest task of all. Getting them to the size and build you want them at doesn’t come easy, and it’s going to take a lot of hard work and commitment. But if you really want it and you’re willing to put in the work, it can be manageable! Here are my tips for building your leg muscle mass. Warm-Up Properly Warming up is essential when you’re trying to build muscle. A simple cardiovascular warm-up won’t be sufficient though. That kind of warm-up is fine for a starting point, but when you’re looking to build muscle, stretching is key. I’d recommend at least 10-15 minutes of stretching before you start with your workout. Focus on your legs, and stretch every muscle you’re looking to build. If you don’t, you’ll put yourself out of action with an injury. Squats The reason why squats are so good Read the rest

5 Steps To Getting Your Fitness Back On Track

It’s so easy to let your health and fitness slide without realising. A month away from the gym and you’ll start to notice the difference in your body and your energy levels. We all suffer with the same problem. Work and the stress of daily life build up and exercise takes a back seat. Today we’re going to help you get back on track. Whether it’s been two months or two years, the advice here will really help. Ready to get stuck in and get your fitness back to where it should be? Read on. 1. Eat right The first thing to do is take a look at your diet. Without a healthy, balanced diet you won’t unlock all the energy you need. A good exercise regime requires a healthy diet. Find a good daily balance of fruit and vegetables, preferably five portions a day. Secondly, use carbohydrates for around a third of your intake. It has vital long-term energy necessary for exercise. Increase Read the rest

The 4 Best Natural Treatments For Back Pain

At some point throughout our lives, most of us will experience a bout of severe back pain. If it is your first experience of back pain, then you may be a little panicked and worrying about what could be causing it. Photo link You may even be asking yourself is it cancer or another serious disease - calm down and relax. Did you know that 95% of the time back pain is not caused by a serious illness or disease, it is just back pain? Of course, even though most back pain is harmless, it can still be  painful and can have serious implications on your daily life. So the important thing to think about is how you will manage your back pain - drugs or natural treatments? While painkiller are effective for blocking back pain, if you are on them for longer than a couple of days they can have negative effects on your health. That’s why it is best to treat back pain, especially back pain Read the rest

A Guide To Completing The Ultimate Challenge: The Marathon

So, you’re about to embark upon the ultimate challenge. The gruelling 26 mile race is the king of long distance running. It is a masterful feat of stamina and endurance. The marathon will push your body and mind to the very edge of its limits. Completing the race will be one of the most enriching and rewarding things you’ll ever do. However, it will push you to breaking point. The most important thing you can do is plan and train correctly. Here’s how. Thanks to Peter Mooney for the image Plan a year ahead Running a marathon is not something you take on lightly. It requires a solid year of planning, training and diet change to really prepare your body. Running a marathon without the correct preparation is severely dangerous. It can lead to irreversible health problems and the chance of collapsing during the race. Improve your general fitness If you’re an active person already, Read the rest