How Those Living With Arthiritis Can Still Enjoy Sports Safely

Arthritis can be a debilitating condition to live with, but the days of being told to “stay at home and rest up” are long gone. Instead, many healthcare professionals advise that some regular exercise can actually have a positive impact on the joints; easing pain, discomfort and helping to regain movement. If you are living with arthritis, but still want to exercise, then here are some top tips to enjoy sports safely. Image from Flickr Little and Often It is important not to cause distress to your muscles or joints when exercising with arthritis. Healthcare professionals suggest that little and often is the best way forward, if you want to see a marked improvement. Two and a half hours of moderate, aerobic exercise weekly is a good starting point for those who want to take part in physical activity. Great improvements in joint movement have been proven in studies of those who partake Read the rest

Recommended Reading To Help You Gain a Degree in Sports Science

With the social emphasis today on physical fitness, it is understandable that many people are choosing sport as a career in one form, or another. Sport has always been a national pastime, and whoever you are, there is a sport that you enjoy playing or watching. source link Football probably has the greatest following in Britain, but during the two weeks of tennis at Wimbledon, millions of people turn on the television to watch. Sports science is a relatively new field and has come about, it seems, since sport started attracting and generating huge sums of money. Imagine if you will, how much money a football club loses when their top international player gets an injury. Players are paid a great deal of money and losing a match has massive financial implications. Many people who go on to successful careers in sport have a natural flare for it, which is noted during their time at Read the rest

Amazing Golfing Books Every Enthusiast Needs To Check Out In 2014

Credit There are some totally fantastic golfing titles around at the moment, and so anyone with a particular interest in the sport could undoubtedly benefit from checking them out. With that in mind, the post you’re about to read will list four of the best selling publications you really don’t want to miss. Not all of them are brand new, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume you will have overlooked them until now. Thankfully though, I’ve personally read every single one of the books I’m about to list, so I can recommend them wholeheartedly. In fact, you don’t even have to be mad on golf to get enjoyment out of read them, so let’s get started. After reading this post, you’ll be heading over to Snaintongolf or another major retailer for some new clubs before you know it. Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie There are many golfing theory books available from online sellers Read the rest

Top 4 Sports Books You Need To Check Out This Year

Photograph credit If you love reading sportsbooks, this article is going to be pretty exciting. The titles listed here are some of the best, and most popular sports books ever written. Some are new, some not so new, but all of them are guaranteed to give you an amazing insight into your favourite sports people and what their lives are really like. While you may have seen them in the shops for a while, opting to bite the bullet and purchase them now could be a wise move. When the summer comes, sports titles tend to increase in price a little, and on top of this, once we’re having constant days of beautiful sunshine, you won’t want to sit inside reading anyway. I have to admit; I’ve been a fan of sporting autobiographies for many years. We only get to see small snippets of our heroes on TV, and so the books offer the average fan a bit of something extra. Don’t get me wrong, some Read the rest

3 of the Most Inspirational Sporting Autobiographies to Read

Every so often books are released that cause a huge stir in the mainstream amongst dedicated readers. While some are occasionally fictional (50 Shades of Grey, etc.), it’s usually the real life tales relayed in autobiographies that create the most interest. With that in mind, this post will highlight 3 of the most popular sporting autobiographies on the market today. Some people find that reading about their sporting heroes in this manner can shatter the celebrity illusion, but as these are real people going through real hardships and tribulations, I feel reading about them can help you to understand the individuals better, which often results in a new level of respect. So, without any further delays, here are the 3 most inspirational sporting autobiographies of all time. If you disagree with the titles I’ve chosen to include, feel free to comment or drop me a message explaining why Read the rest